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From the Beat to the Bench

From the Beat to the Bench is our newsletter. To view an issue, click the appropriate link.

May 2011 #3 Prom Season: Be Safe, Responsible and Have Fun 52KB
May 2011 #2 Court Employees Over the Years 65KB
May 2011 #1 Motorcycles 57KB
April 2011 #2 Mature Drivers 55KB
April 2011 #1 School Bus 64KB
February 2011 #2 Court Security Officer on a Mission 14KB
February 2011 #1 Out of State Tickets 54KB
January 2011 Collections 58KB
December 2010 Designate A Sober Driver 58KB
November 2010 Tis' the Season for Shopping... and Shoplifting! 58KB
September 2010 #2 Employees of the Vermilion Municipal Court 66KB
September 2010 #1 Driving Under Suspension and Child Support 55KB
August 2010 Back to School - Traffic Awareness 64KB
July 2010 Laws Pertaining to Dogs 56KB
May 2010 #2 Motorcycle Awareness 82KB
May 2010 #1 Underage 8KB
April 2010 Finances, Budgets and Costs 15KB
March 2010 Evictions 9KB
February 2010 A Note About Jurisdiction and Demographics 10KB
January 2010 #2 Traffic and Criminal Statistics 8KB
January 2010 #1 New Traffic Laws 9KB

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